Stoltz One™ is a trading company that develops and operates businesses in Atlanta, Georgia, USA (Stoltz One, LLC), Tokyo, Japan (Storutzu K.K.) and Cape Town, South Africa (Stoltz One (PTY) Ltd), where the company is based.

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Our medical supply division, Stoltz One Health™, assists retailers, corporations, governments and private buyers with acquiring personal protective equipment (PPE) like disposable face masks, gloves and medical coveralls as well as hand sanitiser, COVID-19 rapid test kits and non-contact thermometers.

Press Releases

We supplied Japan with PPE during the bird flu (H5N1) pandemic and are currently working to provide PPE to countries around the world who are battling the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.

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With almost 40 years of experience in garment design and development, production and distribution, Stoltz One Apparel can confidently deliver on all your high-quality apparel needs.

Contact our Group Sales Director/VP of Sales, Grant Vanderwagen,
on +27 079 165 5579 or send an email to

Whilst doing business with Stoltz Two you can rest assured that you are not only going to receive exceptional service and value for money, but that you are also contributing to fix the wrongs of the past and empower the previously economically disadvantaged citizens of South Africa.

Stoltz Two is a proud level 2 B-BBEE contributor and is 51% black owned with 30% of the shares black female owned. 21% is owned by Stoltz Three, which is a 100% black youth owned company. The Stoltz Three company will, from time to time, be used in order to promote and educate the youth of South Africa, specifically pertaining to rural areas.

We have specifically structured our group of companies in this way to safeguard our policy of empowering the previously disadvantaged citizens of our country and to contribute to the development of the youth of South Africa, which is the future of our beloved country.

And, we are not stopping here. In our pursuit of excellence, and taking into consideration our duty towards our fellow citizens, we are aiming to become a level 1 B-BBEE contributor within the next few months. The aforesaid will underline our commitment to transformation and development in South Africa.


Through its about you™ our business development and integrated marketing division, we assist our clients from entrepreneurs to global corporations, with strategic growth and investment, increasing profitability and market share, consulting on projects, brand expansion and breaking into new markets through a variety of business and marketing strategies.

Branding & Design

Whether you want to develop, expand or refine your personal or professional brand, we can help you conceptualise, design and deliver a comprehensive and well-balanced brand strategy.

Research & Consulting

Gain actionable insights with our market research and consulting services. We can help you get to know your target market before comitting valuable resources to a decision.

Inbound Marketing

Our inbound marketing team can help you generate more web traffic and leads, and help you attract, convert, close and delight a greater number of customers.

Performance Marketing

Optimise and grow your brand with performance marketing. While traditional marketing avenues still have their place, digital marketing has redefined the way companies do business.

Web Design & Development

A striking, informative website is a vital part of any business and often the first impression you make in a potential client. Our team of web designers are dedicated to making beautiful, functional websites.

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We create and build brands and events that capture the attention of thousands of people. From packed public parades to exclusive events and festivals, we represent an exciting array of brands and also offer innovative branding solutions to our clients.

Our events include Cape Town Lantern Parade, and the upcoming ArtWine festival.

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Our real estate division is focused on the sale of commercial property and luxury residential property in South Africa through Lori Jean Real Estate while Voila Realtors in Atlanta, Georgia, USA handles the sale or rental of luxury homes and provides concierge services to US celebrities, musicians and sports superstars.

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